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Drilling rig in the Texas Panhandle

Permian Leads Continued Growth in U.S. Rig Count

by Will Brackett

Oilfield services firm Baker Hughes reported the U.S. rig count continued to increase, with the tally rising by 15 to 839 for the week ended April 7. Most of the growth during the week came in the Permian Basin, with 12 rigs being added.

The overall U.S. rig count has increased by 396, or 89 percent, over the same week a year ago when 443 rigs were active in the field.

Breaking things down, Baker Hughes said 672 of the active rigs were drilling oil wells, while 165 were drilling gas wells. Over 80 percent of the active rigs during the week, 695, were drilling horizontal wells.

Among U.S. states, Texas gained a total of seven rigs, while Oklahoma gained four. No other state saw a change of more than two rigs. Texas’ count of 418 rigs accounts for almost half of the active rigs in the U.S.

Moving to major basins, as noted previously the Permian was far and away the leader with a gain of a dozen rigs. No other basin saw an increase of more than two. However, the Granite Wash (located in the Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma) lost four rigs, although it was the only basin to see a drop of more than one.

The Permian’s current tally of 331 rigs represents about 38 percent of the active rigs in the U.S. Over the past year, the Permian rig count has increased by 189 rigs, or 133 percent.

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