Owner Relations Contacts

Below find links with contact info for oil and gas production companies. If available, the links are for companies’ owner relations departments. The city where the company’s corporate headquarters or U.S. headquarters (if foreign-based) is listed next to the company’s link.

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Abraxas Petroleum Corporation – San Antonio, Texas

Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. – Houston, Texas

Alta Mesa Holdings, LP – Houston, Texas

American Energy Partners, LP – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation – The Woodlands, Texas

Anteres Energy Ltd. – Dallas, Texas (U.S. HQ)

Apache Corporation – Houston, Texas

Approach Resources Inc. – Fort Worth, Texas

Arris Petroleum Corporation – Denver, Colorado

Aruba Petroleum, Inc. – Plano, Texas

Aterra Exploration – San Antonio, Texas

Atlantic Resources Company – Midland, Texas

Atlas Resource Partners, LP – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aurora Resources Corporation – Corpus Christi, Texas

Austin Exploration – Florence, Colorado (U.S. HQ)


Baytex Energy Corporation – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

BHP Billiton – Houston, Texas (U.S. HQ)

Black Mountain Oil & Gas – Fort Worth, Texas

BlackBrush Oil & Gas, LP – San Antonio, Texas

Bluescape Resources Company LLC – Dallas, Texas

BlueStone Natural Resources – Tulsa, Oklahoma

BP – Houston, Texas (U.S. HQ)

BreitBurn Energy Partners LP – Houston, Texas

Brigham Resources LLC – Austin, Texas

Broad Oak Energy II, LLC – Irving, Texas

Burnett Oil Co., Inc. – Fort Worth, Texas


Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation – Houston, Texas

Callon Petroleum Company – Natchez, Mississippi

Carrier Energy Partners – Sugar Land, Texas

Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc. – Houston, Texas

Caza Oil & Gas, Inc. – The Woodlands, Texas

Centennial Resource Development LLC – Denver, Colorado

Chaparral Energy, LLC – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chesapeake Energy Corporation – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chevron Corporation – San Ramon, California

Chief Oil & Gas, LLC – Dallas, Texas

Cimarex Energy Company – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. – Midland, Texas

Collins and Young, LLC – Fort Worth, Texas

Comstock Resources, Inc. – Frisco, Texas

Concho Resources Inc. – Midland, Texas

ConocoPhillips Company – Houston, Texas

Contango Oil & Gas Company – Houston, Texas

Covey Park Energy – Dallas, Texas

Cowboys Resources Corporation – Midland, Texas


Dale Operating Company – Dallas, Texas

Denbury Resources Inc. – Plano, Texas

Devon Energy Corporation – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Diamondback Energy, Inc. – Midland, Texas

Discovery Natural Resources LLC – Denver, Colorado


EagleRidge Energy – Dallas, Texas

Elevation Resources, LLC – Midland, Texas

Elk Meadows Resources LLC – Denver, Colorado

Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. – Denver, Colorado (U.S. HQ)

Endeavor Energy Resources LP – Midland, Texas

Enduring Resources, LLC – Denver, Colorado

Energen Corporation – Birmingham, Alabama

EnerJex Resources, Inc. – San Antonio, Texas

EnerVest Operating Company – Houston, Texas

EOG Resources, Inc. – Houston, Texas

EP Energy – Houston, Texas

EQT Corporation– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Escondido Resources II, LLC – Houston, Texas

Espada Operating LLC – San Antonio, Texas

EXCO Resources, Inc. – Dallas, Texas

ExxonMobil Corporation – Irving, Texas


Fasken Oil & Ranch, Ltd. – Midland, Texas


Goodrich Petroleum Corporation – Houston, Texas

Gulfport Energy Corporation – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Halcon Resources Corporation – Houston, Texas

Hess Corporation – New York, New York

Hilcorp Energy Company – Houston, Texas

Hunt Oil Company – Dallas, Texas


Inland Ocean, Inc. – San Antonio, Texas


Jetta Operating Company, Inc. – Fort Worth, Texas


Kinder Morgan Production Company LLC – Houston, Texas


Laredo Energy – Houston, Texas

Laredo Petroleum, Inc. – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lario Oil & Gas Company – Denver, Colorado

Le Norman Operating LLC – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Legacy Reserves LP – Midland, Texas

Lewis Energy Group – San Antonio, Texas

LINN Energy, LLC – Houston, Texas

Lonestar Resources – Fort Worth, Texas

Lucas Energy, Inc. – Houston, Texas


Marathon Oil Corporation – Houston, Texas

Matador Resources Company – Dallas, Texas

Memorial Production Partners LP – Houston, Texas

Mewbourne Oil Company – Tyler, Texas

Moncrief Oil – Fort Worth, Texas

Murphy Oil Corporation – El Dorado, Arkansas

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Newfield Exploration Company – Houston, Texas

Noble Energy Inc. – Houston, Texas


Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Oxy) – Houston, Texas


Parsley Energy, Inc. – Midland, Texas

Penn Virginia Corporation – Radnor, Pennsylvania

PetroQuest Energy, LLC – Lafayette, Louisiana

Pioneer Natural Resources Company – Irving, Texas

Pitts Oil Company – Dallas, Texas

Plantation Petroleum, LLC – Houston, Texas


QEP Resources, Inc. – Denver, Colorado


Range Resources Corporation – Fort Worth, Texas

Resolute Energy Corporation – Denver, Colorado

Riley Exploration Group – Blanchard, Oklahoma

Ring Energy, Inc. – Midland, Texas

Rock Oil Company, LLC – Houston, Texas

RSP Permian, LLC – Dallas, Texas


Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation – Houston, Texas

Samson Resources – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sanchez Energy Corporation – Houston, Texas

SandRidge Energy, Inc. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sheridan Production Company, LLC – Houston, Texas

Shell Oil Company – Houston, Texas

Silver Hill Energy Partners, LLC – Dallas, Texas

SM Energy Company – Denver, Colorado

Stanolind Oil & Gas – Midland, Texas

Statoil – Houston, Texas (U.S. HQ)

Stonegate Production Company – Houston, Texas

Strand Energy, L.C. – Houston, Texas

Suemaur Exploration & Production, LLC – Corpus Christi, Texas

Sundance Energy – Denver, Colorado

Swift Energy Company – Houston, Texas


Three Rivers Operating Company III, LLC – Austin, Texas

Tidal Petroleum – Schertz, Texas

Trinity River Energy – Fort Worth, Texas


U.S. Energy Corporation – Denver, Colorado

Unit Petroleum Company – Tulsa, Oklahoma


Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC – Houston, Texas

Vantage Energy – Englewood, Colorado

VirTex Operating Company, Inc. – Corpus Christi, Texas


Wagner Oil Company – Fort Worth, Texas

Weber Energy Corporation – Dallas, Texas

Welder Exploration & Production, Inc. – San Antonio, Texas

Western Production Company – Fort Worth, Texas

Whiting Petroleum Corporation – Denver, Colorado


XTO Energy, Inc. – Fort Worth, Texas


Yates Petroleum Corporation – Artesia, New Mexico

Yohawk Energy, LLC – Fort Worth, Texas


Zachry Exploration, LLC – San Antonio, Texas

Zenergy, Inc. – Tulsa, Oklahoma

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